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Meet with the McGrath Foundation

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

On Thursday 20 October, I was invited to meet the people behind the McGrath Foundation. Over coffee/tea and brunch in down town Melbourne, participants came from all walks of life. From breast cancer sufferers (current and survivors), breast care specialist nurses, fundraisers, supporters, corporate sponsors, Senior Officials of Cricket Australia, and of course, the people from the McGrath Foundation. Tracy Bevan - Foundation Ambassador and Director (former wife of Michael Bevan), Ryan Barlow - Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer, and of course, Holly Masters - CEO McGrath Foundation. It was a great honour to meet with all of them. It was an incredible experience listening to personal stories coming directly from the patients and how much the patients benefitted from the help provided by the McGrath Foundation at NO COST to the patients. Hats off to McGrath Foundation for doing such a commendable work to help so many families.

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