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MCG – SCG Yatra, Post Climax

Return to Melbourne

We had a good rest at Suresh Bhai’s place. We enjoyed the Indian- Aussie mixed breakfast followed by delicious lunch. There were some live radio interviews including stations with top ratings, namely; 2GB in Sydney and 3AW in Melbourne. Later, we were invited to another friend’s place for dinner, which we had requested to have early so that we could leave there by 7:00 PM. This was a royal style dinner, and we were treated like a celebrity. This young couple have a beautiful home that has been furnished accordingly. Best wishes to them for their future. We thank Vipul and his family for everything. We enjoyed meeting his family and his in-laws. We also thank Suresh bhai for his generous hospitality. A big thank you to both families!

After early dinner, we began our journey towards Melbourne on Thursday evening. We drove to the Shri Hari Temple at Towrang. The Bali family had been waiting for us to arrive and we did the Shayyan Aarti together. Subsequent to the aarti, another Sydney based radio station had been waiting for a live interview and by the time, I finished the interview, it was almost 10:00 PM. It had been a long day and Shekhar and I were exhausted. We both had a quick cuppa and fell asleep.

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