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MCG - SCG Yatra, Day 55

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Back to Melbourne

Shekhar and I had a reasonably good sleep considering the built-up momentum and the incredible experience we had just two days ago. The Climax was still sinking in slowly. I got up early but didn’t want to disturb anyone else. Shush...., quietly, I started working on my mobile phone first, but then I moved to another room and switched on the laptop. At the break of day light, Rajeev ji, their little puppy, Shekhar and I went for a bush walk within the premises of the Shri Hari temple. The temple block has 80 acres of natural bush land. This block has a couple of dams and many walking tracks. The natural setting with no traffic or industrial noise makes it an ideal place for mediation and spiritual upliftment. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is serious about his or her intentions to follow the path of divinity.

After having a shower, I felt qualified to visit the temple sanctum sanctorum. After the morning Aarti, we did some kirtan and then came inside the house. OMG! What a breakfast we were about to have! We had a typical Punjabi style brunch (breakfast cum lunch). It was so yummy that we all kept eating and eating until we were absolutely full and we burped. Thanks very much Lajja ji and Rajeev ji for such a lovely hospitality. You guys are simply amazing! Hats off to you and a very big Thank You.

Shekhar was taking a bit easy this morning. After all, he would be driving for eight hours to get back to Melbourne. The weather was clear and sunny but not too hot. We started off after 11:00 AM. Around 2: 00 PM, we pulled over to fill up the car. Subsequently, we left the M31 Motorway and drove into Albury to have a break and have something to eat. Albury is an interesting town with a combination of modern buildings, and well-maintained commercial structures with typical characteristics of yester years. It reminds you of the bygone era.

We knew it would be around three hours’ drive from Albury to Wollert where we had planned to have a quick stopover at Kushal Sharma’s place, because we wanted to return the items we had borrowed from them at the beginning of the walk. It was around 7:30 PM, we had a quick cuppa and finally headed home. Home sweet home that I had seen for almost two months. The saying, “East or West, Home is the Best” applies even today. I think , it has an enormous psychological effect when you get back “home”.

In my case however, it was a mixed feeling. On the one hand, I was pleased to get back home. On the other hand, I miss my life on the road. I miss the daily routine of getting up, have an early shower, and preparing myself to walk. I miss the walk to the next destination. I miss meeting great people that I met almost every day. I miss waving to the truckies, bus drivers, car drivers, tradies in their utes, motor bike riders, bike riders. I miss meeting the farmers and having a chat. They have so many incredible stories to share. I miss going to a new cafeteria or a restaurant to eat or have a cuppa. I miss the challenges of looking for a place to stay the night. I miss finding my way back to the van after a shower at a new caravan park. I miss the van, my support vehicle that was my home for eight weeks. I miss working with every member of my support team. I miss myself and I am yet to find my own whereabouts.

I miss my close interaction with Mother Nature. I miss the closeness to all those beautiful wild flowers that represent more colours than the rainbow in the sky. I miss the freshness of the air and the light wind that used to stroke my cheeks like my mother used to do. I miss the rising sun that I saw every morning in vast open fields. I miss those hills that used to signal and whisper in my ears the divine message. I miss the opportunity to continue day after day after day the endless Yatra, the endless pilgrimage, the endless walk until you reach the divine. I may be home, but somehow, I feel that I am out of job. The job I loved from the bottom of my heart. This job was the ultimate opportunity to do something for the country that has given me so much. This walk was in a way, a small contribution on my part to give something back to the country before I ultimately leave this planet.

Finally, A Big Thank You to all my supporters for your continuous support and generous donations. Thanks very much!

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