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MCG - SCG Yatra, Day 47

Razorback Lookout - Willowdale - (Raby)

We stayed at Suresh bhai’s house last night and he was very excited to join us for the walk this morning. I wasn’t sure how much Suresh bhai walked every day or how fit he was because going for a short walk was totally different to what we were doing. Suresh bhai, Shekhar and I got ready, had a quick cuppa and drove back to the Razorback lookout. As noted in my previous blog, the Razorback Road was closed, we began walking on the old Hume Hwy. Suresh bhai was walking right behind me.

After a few kilometres, there was no shoulder to walk on, we got into the van and drove to get across to the point where walking shoulder was provided. Then we left the Old Hume Hwy and took a left hand turn on to Cawdor Road. This seven kilometer long link road brought us back to our planned route that was disrupted by the closure of Razorback Road. We had our first break between Cawdor and Narellen. Shekhar and Suresh bhai pulled out the folding chairs to enjoy the fresh air and I went to bed for a quick powernap. I got up after 30 minutes or so and we started walking again.

At Narellen shopping centre, we wanted to have a coffee. Shekhar had to drive for a while to find a suitable parking spot to park the van. The barista at this coffee lounge made a very special coffee that we would all remember for a long time. The coffee itself was very special, the cups were also special placed on the special saucers. A very special café dedicated to making such a special coffee that we took photos of it. We really enjoyed drinking it.

We wanted to cover as much distance today as it would be possible. Suresh bhai was a great walker. He kept pace with me. In fact, he told me that he had to slow down to walk with me. He usually walked much faster to sweat out and finish within an hour. I was so pleased to hear this because I had finally met someone who I could look up to for increasing pace. This morning’s walk was full of ups and downs and most of it was all on the shoulder of the Camden Valley Hwy. Walking on the shoulder requires more attention and concentration because you are continuously negotiating with the oncoming traffic. Walking on a footpath is a simple affair.

Suresh bhai was used to walking 10,000 steps everyday but had never walked 25 kms continuously. To make the matter even worse, he developed an issue with his toenail. It was hurting and making the walk uncomfortable. Suresh bhai was putting up with it because he didn’t want to disrupt my plans. But we both were getting tired. When we reached Willowdale, we called Shekhar to come and pick us up. Shekhar had parked the van because walking on the Camden Valley Highway was different to the roads. On this hwy, there were not many places to pull up to wait for us. Shekhar came over and we jumped in. We drove to Suresh bhai’s place where we had lunch already prepared by Koki before she left for work. I went to have a powernap.

I got up and had a shower. We had a cuppa followed by a grand 6-course dinner. Suresh bhai and his family are great hosts with a big heart. Whatever they do, they do from the bottom of their heart. Koki, Suresh bhai’s wife came home from work and she made halwa and coffee. We all enjoyed it and went to sleep thereafter.

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