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MCG - SCG Yatra, Day 46

Bargo - Picton - Razorback - (Raby)

After freshening up early morning, we had a shave and shower. We bade good bye to the caravan park and drove over the rail bridge to the set of shops on the old Hume hwy. Similar to yesterday, it was a clear sky with a temperature forecast to reach 32 degrees. We resumed the yatra at 6:30 AM to cover the maximum distance before the day heated up. We decided that we would have the first break after reaching Picton. To keep my energy level up, I would have a muesli bar whilst walking and I would keep drinking lots of water to avoid dehydration.

On our way to Picton, we came to a place called Tahmoor that was a bigger town than Bargo. Located directly on the old Hume Hwy, this town also had an Indian restaurant.

In Picton, for the first time, I saw the K-Hub, which is a smaller version of K-Mart. After walking in the Sun, we were happy to sit inside an air-conditioned shopping mall. We had a coffee and a quick bite. Picton also has an RSL Park with an interesting sign warning the users of this park to be aware of the hazardous objects around the park.

I sacrificed my power nap and continued to walk towards Sydney. We had chosen a back road to walk from Picton to Narellen. The NSW Police had noted a particular section of this Razorback Road as dangerous and marked to “uplift” meaning that I was not allowed to walk but must get into the support vehicle to travel from Point A to Point B. We followed the Police instructions. However, after a short distance, the Razorback Road was closed to traffic. Consequently, we had to come back to the Old Hume Hwy. Right on the corner of the intersection was a small picnic spot with a carpark. Shekhar and I had late lunch there. A hundred meters walk from this picnic spot was an interesting small tower-like marker. This marker at the outskirts of South Sydney showed air distances to various cities in different directions.

I rang Suresh bhai my good old Indian friend and told him that we would be arriving at his home shortly. He lived in Raby near Campbelltown, and it took us 35-40 minutes to get there. He had been eagerly waiting for us. He was so excited to see us in the decorated van. We parked the van on the street to promote awareness about the walk to support the McGrath Foundation.

Inside the house, we met Suresh bhai’s son and his nephew who was great cook. Later, we also met Suresh bhai’s mother who lived with them. We had a good chat about a lot of things including of course our common friend Poddar Bhai, who had previously visited Australia on several occasions. Unfortunately, he could no longer continue to travel because of ill health. We had a delicious, healthy vegetarian dinner of Indian – Fijian mix with a lot of salad and fresh fruit. I also loved the fresh green chillies to go with the dinner. We were having a chat when Koki, Suresh bhai’s wife arrived home from work. She made us a beautiful cuppa and we all went to bed after that.

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