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MCG - SCG Yatra, Day 37

Bungendore - Tarago

We got up to a rather chilly morning. After Shekhar had a shower, we got ready and drove back to the Tarago Road. I got off, touched my forehead to the ground and started walking. It was going to be another long walk. It was our second day of walking after the break. We were still trying to ease it back into the routine. Early morning there was hardly any traffic. There were no more steep hills like the day before. This was going to be a flat walk, at least that is what I thought.

The walk was going to be long and hence, we had planned two breaks to ensure my body can cope with the challenges of the walk without having the risk of wearing it out. During the first break, I got a message that my interview with Manish ji was uploaded on Youtube. I watched it to check which parts, if any, had been edited out. I wanted to share this latest interview done with the Australian Parliament House in the background. Halfway through the process of forwarding the link to everyone, I fell asleep and had a good nap.

We were supposed to have our second break at Werriwa. Once again, we were misled to believe that Werriwa was a place when it was not. It was an area. Somebody had named their farmhouse Werriwa. We had a short break by the roadside and then continued the walk. The walk from Bungendore to Tarago. Before coming into the township, the road begins to rise and takes a left turn at the same time. As you climb to the top of this elevation, if you look to your right, you see a rail freight terminal, where containers were brought in by train and then loaded onto large trucks to be transported to their final destination by road. Combining Rail-Road services is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Tarago has a small population but the layout of the town is scattered over two kilometres or so. The town has a police station (not sure if the station is manned or not). Tarago has its own firefighters’ team and a hall. Tarago also has a fuel service station. Shekhar and I had a coffee at the local service station that is also the corner shop cum post office. We used the public toilets at the Tarago Recreation Area that is virtually a park owned and managed by the local council. We were allowed to camp overnight in a specified area of the park and walk about 400 meters to the toilet. We didn’t mind but we also didn’t have a choice. In fact, this was the only camping place in town. We thank the local council for letting us stay the night.

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