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MCG - SCG Yatra, Day 24

Threadbo - Crackenback - (Jindabyne)

After a cold night in the foothills of Mount Kosciuszko, Shekhar and I got ready and drove back to Thredbo where Shekhar had parked the van the previous day. He dropped me off and I started to walk towards the hwy. At the hwy intersection, we turned left towards Jindabyne. Our first break was coming up and we were close to the place where we had spent the night. From the hwy, we drove to the same spot where we had stayed. We had our breakfast and made use of the toilet because it was always uncertain to avail such facilities on the hwy. When we finished, we drove back to the hwy. I got off the van and resumed the walk. After a couple of hours walk, the next turn off was marked Crackenback resort.

We decided to visit the place. It was a windy downhill drive. We drove past the reception area and parked near the cafeteria. We walked back to the reception and told the staff what we were doing. We left some leaflets with them and came to the café for a cuppa. The girl at the café made a beautiful cappuccino. Elisabeth the girl was from Munich, Germany. After the coffee, we asked the kitchen staff to come out to the van for a photo shoot. They were happy to oblige. Near the van, we also met a middle-aged couple from Jindabyne who had been riding mountain bikes on a bike track along the Thredbo river. They told us that the bike track was available all the way to Jindabyne. But they enjoyed driving to the lake Crackenback and bring the bikes along to ride on the muddy track. This felt like being children again. I thought, it was so true. Sometimes we all wish, we could be children again. In our plan, we had marked Crackenback as a place on the hwy to stop for a cuppa. We found out that this resort was in fact Crackenback. That was it. There was no separate town as such. How silly of me to assume that there was a town along the lake Cackenback. Something new we learned again.

Our destination for the day was Crackenback. However, there was no such town and there was no caravan park at Crackenback resort, We thought out next bet would be drive down to Jindabyne. We were told that there were two caravan parks in Jindabyne. A few kilometres before you arrive in Jindabyne, you come to a T-intersection. One of the caravan parks was right there on your left. Unfortunately, this park had been damaged severely by recent floods and was off limits for overnighting. The woman at this park guided us to the second caravan park in town. We went through a roundabout and took a left turn at the second roundabout. Right there it was the Jindabyne Holiday Park run by the NRMA.

We checked in, and once they found out about our mission, we were given a preferential treatment. We were allocated a site right back on the lake Jindabyne. You could not get any closer to water. We appreciated the help extended by the park management. We were given a code to open the boom barriers, and to enter toilet and shower blocks. When I went to enter the code on the boom gates, there was another signpost to make you aware of the snakes in the area. The kitchen and dining area were spotless clean and had all the necessary equipment. The large number of toilet and shower facilities suggested that this park must be very popular in holidays. We enjoyed the dinner in the dining area and returned to the van to take in the beautiful views of the lake. The cool breeze worked like a lullaby. Shekhar and I fell sleep in no time.

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