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MCG – SCG Walk, Day 17

Tallangatta – Koetong – (Corryong)

After Rahul and I got ready for the day, we drove towards Koetong until we reached the turn off to the old Tallangatta because I had already walked this far yesterday. Rahul dropped me off and I started the walk after paying respect to Mother Earth as I do every day before starting the walk. The walk to Koetong was going to tough and challenging with a number of hills to climb. The distance from Tallangatta to Koetong was 33 Kms. Yesterday’s walk to the old Tallangatta already out of the way, reduced the distance of today’s walk to a manageable 24 Kms.

Rahul’s company and encouragement got me going and walking around one of the largest lakes seemed like an honour rather than a challenge. Walking up the hills was indeed tiring and by the time we reached Koetong, I was exhausted. The famous Koetong Hotel was closed. There was nowhere else you could camp for the night. We drove around 25 Kms from Koetong to Berringama hoping to find accommodation or caravan park there, but no such luck. So, we continued to drive another 26 Kms to Corryong a town slightly larger than Tallangatta. We pull up at the information centre and find the staff very friendly. We were told, Corryong had two caravan parks, a number of cafes and restaurants, post office, bank a local IGA and a greengrocer co-op outlet.

We had lunch at the Black Sheep restaurant opposite the information centre. When the owners found out about the walk and our mission, they said the “the meal was on the house”. Rahul and I didn’t want to accept it like that. Rahul suggested that we pay for the meal and the owners could donate the amount to the McGrath Foundation. The owners happily agreed. We thank them whole-heartedly. Thank you so much Rho and Krystal Fry for your kind support for the walk to raise funds for the McGrath foundation.

We checked in at the caravan park closer to town centre. This place was run by a Gujarati couple and we booked it for three nights because we would need to stay after tomorrow’s walk from Koetong to Berringama and then again the day after when we walk from Berringama to Corryong. We drove to town centre to have dinner at the pizza shop. After that we drove back to the caravan park and went to sleep.

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