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MCG – SCG Walk, Day 16

Tallangatta – Old Tallangatta - Tallangatta

A beautiful morning started our day on a positive note. We knew today’s walk was going to be relatively short. As we started the walk around 6:20 AM and walked through the town centre, a couple of women from the bakery literally ran after us and pleaded with us to have coffee and breakfast at the bakery. They said, “you guys had lunch at Emily’s yesterday. So please give us a chance to appreciate what you are doing for the country.” However, we politely declined the offer and promised to visit the bakery when we returned from the old Tallangatta a few hours later.

The old Tallangatta was the location where the town originally stood until the 1950s, when the lake expanded, most of the town had to be shifted. Most of the homes were carried on large trucks and relocated where Tallangatta stands today. With just a few homes remaining in the old Tallangatta, a fraction of the economic activity takes place these days. The current (new) Tallangatta is located directly on the Murray Valley Hwy and its town centre includes a number of café/restaurants, a pub, council offices, news agent/post office, and a gallery-cum-senior citizens art club. Basically, it has everything that is expected in a small town.

On our return from the old Tallangatta, we drove back to have coffee and breakfast at the Tallangatta bakery. Thank you so much for your kind and generous hospitality Vanessa and Tara, the two sisters who run this bakery. We saw the Pink coloured Vic Gov Breast Screen Van parked opposite the bakery. We thought that both organisations; namely, the Breast Screen program and the McGrath Foundation were trying to raise awareness about breast cancer. So, we moved our van and parked it next to the Pink coloured van. We went to the Seniors meeting place with art and gallery. Tony Stewart the shop owner had a collection of beautiful hand paintings. He was kind enough to give us a donation for the McGrath Foundation. By the end of the day, most of the town knew about our visit to Tallangatta. The whole objective of the walk was to get everyone talking about breast cancer and the role of McGrath Foundation in helping manage it. Our objective had been achieved.

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