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MCG – SCG Walk, Day 15

Tangambalanga – Tallangatta

Rahul and I had a cuppa at the house of Jacqui and Mark early morning and drove to Tangambalanga to resume the walk where we left off the previous day. The farmers were still asleep when we left their house. We kicked off the walk around 6:30 AM and after a couple of short breaks, we reached our destination after lunch. Tallangatta is a mid size town with a number of coffee shops, restaurants and a bakery. With a population of 1,150, the town has two petrol stations and council offices for the Towong Shire Council.

For our lunch, we went to a café/restaurant. This place was owned by a young woman called Emily and it was her last day as the owner because she had sold the business and she was moving to Western Australia to finish her studies. The lunch was delicious and very filling. We had already paid for the food when she found out the reason behind our visit to Tallangatta. She gave us a bag of goodies, chocolates, and other items that we could use during the walk. Thank you Emily for your kindness. A big thank you!

We checked into the caravan park next to Lake Hume, the biggest lake in the area. The spot we got to park our van was as good as gets. You could not get any closer to water other than swimming in the lake. Centrally located with less than a minute’s walk to either of the two blocks of toilets and showers. Rahul and I fully enjoyed this location on the banks of the lake.

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