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MCG – SCG Walk, Day 11

Warby Owens NP – Wangaratta - Tarrawingee

After having a shower and breakfast where we had parked the van last night, we drove back into the Warby Owens National Park to the point where we had left off the previous day. It was a pleasant morning with a clear sky. Not much traffic on this road. From the start of the walk this morning, it was all down hill coming into Wangaratta. We stopped near the Wangaratta High School and used the public toilet facilities provided in the park near the school. We also had a quick chat to a group of students who had gathered in the park adjacent to the school because they had either ditched school or were perhaps working on a group assignment.

When we came past the office of the Wangaratta Chronicle, I rang the journalist I was supposed to meet today. I had never met him before and I didn’t know that I would be walking past his office. He was very happy to meet up. We walked to the town centre where he wanted to ask me some questions and take photos of me. We then walked to the van where he also met Michael my pilot for this week. He took some photos with the banners and decoration on the van. It was a pleasure meeting this young journalist.

Michael and I had lunch at Pauli’s in the town centre. This restaurant is a very busy place in this town, which speaks volumes about its popularity. We were supposed to meet with an Indian family friend in Wangaratta. However, I told him that we might be able to meet up after I complete my walk for the day. While in the town centre, I walked into the Ramsay Pharmacy to get my toe-blisters checked out. The pharmacist on duty was very friendly and happy to help with appropriate treatment typically designed for toe blisters. After that, I was ready to walk the distance again.

We started the walk towards Tarrawingee – Beechworth – Bright. When we came to the junction of B500 (Great Alpine Road), the turn off was closed due to flooding. We drove to the police station and asked for their guidance. The police officer was very helpful to guide us in the right direction. We drove to the diversion road and a few minutes later, we were back on the B500 the Great Alpine Road. The idea of second walk was to reduce the distance as much as possible for tomorrow’s walk to Beechworth. Tarrawingee is a place with a Y - Junction where the road to Beechworth (C315) begins slightly to the left and the B500 continues slightly to the right to Bright and Myrtleford. Just one km short of Tarrawingee, I was getting tired, so we called it a day.

We drove back to the same spot of homeless people where we had stayed the night before. The food van was still there handing out free food to the poor and homeless. We had a coffee and shared with the people the video from Channel 7 with the news of my walk from MCG to SCG. The food van was packing up as they closed at 7:00 PM. One of the male volunteers gave me a cash donation. Then a woman volunteer also gave me cash donation. I issued the receipts and took photos with the donors. It was an eye-opening experience listening to some of the stories of someone’s sister, daughter, mother or a friend had suffered from breast cancer and what impact this dreadful disease had left on the family and friends.

At this place for the homeless, I met Ian, a guy who was a direct descendent of Anthony Strahan, the policeman who had chased Ned Kelly, Australia's most infamous outlaw, more than 100 years ago and Anthony was also one of the four police officers who had arrested Ned Kelly’s mother. Ian shared some photos and copies of original documents to substantiate his claim which looked genuine. Another person with this guy was a lawyer who messed up his life. He was fighting legal battles to safeguard his interests in various family courts.

We then drove to meet the Indian family friend who ran a food truck fully equipped to cook fresh north Indian food. Michael and I had delicious dinner followed by Kulfi (Indian Ice cream). We thanked him and his nephew for the nice evening and the yummy dinner. We drove back to the spot and went to sleep.

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