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Day 6 - To Murchison

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Had a hot shower, a luxury during this kind of walk, at the caravan park, and drove to the bakery in town centre because I had already walked there yesterday. Jit and I enjoyed the coffee and a freshly baked snack. At 7:15 AM I sarted walking on the C392 hwy towards Shepparton. Due to recent floods in this area, I was apprehensive about the route I was to take. My navigator (Google Maps) signalled a left turn ahead to follow the road to the Kirwan Bridge, which I knew, from the news, was damaged by the floods. Without stopping I rang Sissy Hoskin,the Editor I had met yesterday, and sought help. She told me to keep going straight ahead and not turn because it would not possible to cross the bridge. The bridge was still under water and being repaired.

Sissy went out of her way to help us. She sent me the road map showing all the twists and turns, distance and names of each road. This wasn't enough for her. She actually came out all the way to check that if we were alright. She brought a colored print out of the map of the walk ahead. Sissy knew that the caravan parks at Murchison, our next destination were damaged. So she rang ahead the owner of the Railway Hotel Murchison and arranged for our stay behind the hotel. I found out during the break when we stopped for a cuppa that Sissy had also brought beautiful T-Shirts and caps for me to wear during the walk. I am lost for words to express my gratitude, to thank Sissy appropriately. A big thank you Sissy! You are a gem, You are one of a kind. Thank you.

We finally arrived at the Railway Hotel near the Murchison East Station. We were glad to check in. Paul Golding, the owner of the hotel wasn't there but his son Mitch looked after us. We were shown the place at the back of the Hotel where we could park our van to sleep. We had access to portable toilets but unfortunately no shower. And that is the way it often goes when you are in the bush.

It was relatively short walk but I felt tired today. There were a number of reasons for it. First, I didn't eat anything when we had a break at the roadhouse and had a cuppa. So the energy level went down. Second, I wore a different pair of shoes today and these were a bit tight at the front squeezing my toes. Third, the temperature began to rise as the day progressed and the grass on both sides of the road was knee high. This combination of temperature and grass increased the level of polen in the air resulting in increased hayfever. So I kept sneezing, regularly blowing my nose and felt itchy eyes. I kept drinking water to keep myself hydrated. Overall, I was satisfied that so far everything was going to plan, thanks to the blessings of the elders, thanks to the prayers of my well wishers and thanks to the Mercy of the Almighty. Thank you so much everyone!

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