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 A walk of this magnitude would not be possible without the help of many supporters. I would like to dedicate this blog to all those who came forward to support us before, during and after the walk. First and foremost, I am so grateful to the Almighty for choosing me to take on this monumental challenge and then help me accomplish it. I did the walk but there was a lot more work behind the scenes. From the bottom of my heart, I thank the entire team of my support crew for their unwavering support. I would like to express my gratitude to Achala Datar, Sam, Dr Jit Angrish, Michael Wang, Jagmohan Sharma, Mahendra bhayia and my son Shekhar for their contribution to make this walk a success story. A story we all could be and should be proud of. A story that would not have been possible to complete without your dedicated role and support.


A special mention ought to be made about the following support crew: Achala Datar was not known to me. She contacted me after reading online about the walk and volunteered to drive the van. Thank you so much for your support and generous donation Achala Ji. Sam’s daughter had to go to the hospital, and we had to switch roasters, but he still came to honour his commitment. Thank you so much my friend. Dr Jit Angrish and Michael Wang, both had driven for a week last year and they volunteered to drive again this year. A big thank you my friends. Jagmohan Sharma extended his roaster to 11 days until Mahendra bhayia came back from overseas. Hats off to you Sharma Ji! Mahendra Bhayia came back from overseas on Tuesday. Without worrying about the jetlag, the very next morning at 6:00 AM, he was on his way to Lockhart to relieve Sharma Ji.  You are incredible Mahendra bhayia! My son Shekhar who joined us at Wagga Wagga spent five weeks with me 24 / 7 and drove the van all the way to Sydney. Thank you so much Shekhar. A very big thank you to everyone. You guys are very special to me. Thank you.


I must thank Rahul and Monica for their support as they stood by me through rough waters during this project. I must also thank Satyajit and Ashwini for their support, and generous donations. A big thank you Ashwini for supplying cooked food packed in disposable plastic containers. Thank you so much Varsha and Inderjit Monga and Jitendra Bhatia for all the snacks and preparations for the Flagging off ceremony. I would like to thank my brother Vinod and his wife Shashi for their supply of cooked food at the MCG, at Rochester and again at Lockhart.  Thank you so much. I am so thankful to Kavita and Anand Kulkarni for their support and encouragement and for supplying cooked food. I must thank Mahendra Bhayia and Gautam Garg and his family for organising tea/coffee and biscuits at the MCG. I would like to thank the breast care nurses from the McGrath Foundation for their support at the MCG and various places throughout the walk. I would like to acknowledge the presence of the following supporters who joined us at the flagging off ceremony: Dr Virendra Berera, Dr Bruno Mascitelli, Shakeel Mohammed, Paul Brock, Kuldip Johal, John P (from the BBCN), Jarnail Pangly, Raghbir Sarai, Simrit and her son, team members of 1000 Steps Saturday morning walk and their associates, Katherine (from VRI) and her son, Kushal Sharma and his family, Prasad Perera (special relation to MF) and Shiva Prasad ( my Physiotherapist). My friend Raghbir Sarai flew in from Brisbane and gave me a big surprise when he turned up at the MCG. A big thank you to Raghbir and a big thank you to everyone for supporting this noble initiative.


I am so indebted to all those who supported me in a variety of ways during the walk. I would like to acknowledge their invaluable contribution. It should be noted that except a few friends or people known to us, the rest were total strangers who came forward to help. These positive encounters are a testament that when you take an initiative for the common good of the society, people from all walks of life come together to support you. I am so grateful to the following supporters: Varsha and Inderjit Monga (Waterways), Jo and Andrew Lovelock (Mount Martha), Carmen and Jack Blanco (Geelong), David Mathews (President VRI), Katherine (GM VRI), Shane Grinter (Meredith), John (Ballarat VRI), Swami Atma (Rocklyn Ashram), Meg Shankly (Guildford), Danny Baldasso and his wife (Bendigo VRI), Rochester Caravan park, Tracie and Justin Kyne (Rochester), Maree Joel Waters (Rochester), Sarah Crossman and the Emergency Department (Echuca Regional Hospital), NRMA Caravan Park (Echuca) Martine (Mathoura Club), Jenny and Paul Fellow (Deniliquin), The Can Assist Team (Deniliquin), Cr Peta Betts (Mayor Deniliquin), Charlie and Karen Azzopardi (Riverside Caravan Park, Deniliquin), Carla Armytage (Conargo), Maree Thomas (Jerilderie), Medical Staff at General Hospital Jerilderie, Urana Caravan Park, Lockhart Caravan Park, Dallas Tout (Mayor Wagga Wagga), Tina and Peter (Lincoln Cottage, Wagga Wagga), Sherri Longmore (Junee Council), Bob Calllow (Mayor Junee Council), Bradman Museum (Cootamundra), Diane Grocott (Cootamundra), Dean Franklin (Boorowa Podcast), Boorowa Caravan Park, Peta Proudford (Red Robbin Nursery, Narrawa), Crookwell Caravan Park, Pam Kensit (Mayor Crookwell Council), Peter Walker (Mayor Goulburn), Tony Lamara (Ex. Mayor Goulburn), Mani and Vishal Oberoi (Café 5911, Goulburn), Lajja and Rajeev Bali (Shri Hari Temple, Towrang), Pam and Brian Ruckley (Bundanoon), Clive and Narelle Harwood (Bowral), John (Showgrounds Park, Moss Vale), Suresh bhai (Raby), Raman and Kuldip, (Glenmore Park) and Sukhi Bhaji (Sydney).


We are grateful to the media for supporting our walk throughout our journey and provide coverage to raise awareness and funds for the McGrath Foundation. Without the help of the media, raising awareness and connecting with the general public would not have been possible. A big thank you to all forms of media!


A round of applause for the McGrath Breast Care Nurses who supported our walk across Victoria and NSW. You guys are simply incredible. Hats off to you guys for your commitment.


I would like to express my gratitude to the McGrath Foundation for giving me the opportunity to make a small contribution to this noble cause. Thank you so much MF for your continuous support before, during and after the walk.


Finally, I would like to thank and appreciate my supporters within and outside Australia. Without their support, this walk would be futile. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank everyone who came forward to support me in some shape or form. A big thank you!


If my walk improves the quality of life of a single Australian, it was worth doing it. If some people get inspired by this walk, it would be a bonus.

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